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Macky 2 reveals being threatened by Chef 187 Careerwise

Multi-Award winning HipHop artiste “Macky 2” recently sat down with the Hosts of “That Zedpodcast” for an interview during which he dropped a lot of gems. The rapper who says he has officially retired from actively making music also talked about what’s like having both Chef 187 and Towela Kaira in the Industry.

According to Macky 2, at some point he has felt threatened by how big Chef 187 is artistically and this has forced him to pull up his socks. He narrated that there are times he has attended events with his Young Brother Chef 187 and was marveled by the thunderous reception he received from fans as compared to him (Macky 2).

However, Mulaza Kaira clarified he has never felt jealous for Chef 187 but was actually relieved by his Success since he could now bring something to the table at the time he was keeping him. He also disclosed that Towela Kaira used to sneak out of school to put some vocals on his songs back in the day. She actually features on his hit “Shipwe Shipwe” though was uncredited. Watch Full Interview on YouTube!


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